April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013

Who would believe that April 10, springtime in Kansas, could look like this. Just yesterday I was amazed at how many daffodils and tulips were starting to bloom. And today we have a half inch or more of ice. Tree limbs down. Power outages. Only in Kansas can you have weather that is high and low from one day to the next.


Yellow Headed Blackbird migration

The past five days we have had the rare opportunity of seeing the migration of yellow headed blackbirds through Kansas and stopping at our farm.  There have been around 75-100 of these birds that have made our farm home as they migrate through Kansas.  I have never had the opportunity to see such a beautiful bird up close.  From what I have read it is unusual for them to migrate through the part of the state that we live in.  Their beauty is somewhat shadowed by their horrible squaking.  They make a sound somewhat like a hawk with a sore throat, or a horse that is in pain.  Very strange sound for such a beautiful bird. 

New blogging!

Hello.  I have started this blog to share the animals, bugs and birds that I find around our farm and small town.  There is nothing better than living in the country and experiencing all that nature has to offer. 

Thanks for stopping by.